Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thing 21 & 22

Thing 21: Using Doodle and other online scheduling tools & Thing 22: Google Docs and Dropbox

Currently the most useful scheduling tool that I use in my office is the Microsoft Office Calender and the options of arranging meetings and sending invitations. These tools fit the purpose of my office and surrounding departments - simultaneously as we use a shared 'Drive' on the computer network, sharing documents for editing is easily done with the option of creating a shared document in Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. I often use the the 'track changes' tool that the programmes offer to and documents can be shared via email. 

Looking at the online scheduling tools, I can see how these can be implemented for use on a larger network and scale, for instance scheduling a training session or tutorial with distant learning students or a seminar/talk that requires a receipt of attendance from individuals throughout colleges or schools. Similarly the online document sharing tools can be used for this benefit. The spread of online sharing in this manner and indeed scheduling can see the spread to a global community and can allow research areas and individuals to collaborate their thoughts in one place. 


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