Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Further Things

Further Things to Explore

Thing 17: Exploring images online & Thing 18: Using Creative Commons and other copyright ‘need-to-know’ issues

Searching and finding images online is generally an easy task and one that I have completed on many occasion by simply typing into Google the required search and changing the preference to images. A vast array is then available as thumbnails and links into the parent or 'hosting' webpage. I have often been dubious to how these images when so readily available to me are protected by copyright and mass use by others and have been apprehensive about adding to many of my own images to a website for fear of them being used against my will or for a profitable basis.

The Creative Commons license is a fantastic tool to add a little piece of protection to your work and images, allowing you to be given proper credit for the piece and restrict the use of your material further by outside entities. After exploring Flickr I was impressed at how the site works and by how at the same time protecting your work it is a great way to promote it and get it recognised, whilst also picking up comments and tips from other users. Flickr also allows you to share your images with other social media sites and webpages whilst keeping the protection to your work that Flickr adheres to. Both sites, Flickr and CC are something that I can see myself using in the future as a base to sharing my images online with family friends and colleagues.


Thing 19: Explore reference management tools online

Logging in and getting started with RefWorks was easy and the tools and storage functions seem easy to use. This is not something that I require the use of but see its potential.

Thing 20: Blog, tweet or post a link

Joining up to bitly took seconds, and using the tool to share updates on Twitter and Facebook, I successfully shared and informed my friends and followers about the wonders of Pufferfish, courtesy of bitly. I have used sharing tools before on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with the main aim to share information that I found useful, interesting or entertaining. I am not sure how much use from this tool I shall get in the future as a lot of sites now offer you the option to 'share' in an uncomplicated manner.   

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